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Jewelry Design


Our design story isn't like any story.     

Randy and Lauri enjoy conceptualizing and creating their one-of-a-kind, Steampunk inspired jewelry and accessory pieces at their home studio in Tampa, Florida. They search for and delight in the inner-workings of antique timepieces and expertly pair these finds with other treasures from times gone by. The unique pieces they create appeal to a wide audience including those who are already fans of Steampunk style and those who are looking for a piece of statement jewelry for their collection.

After several years of success running a business featuring kiln-fired, fused glass, the transition to more intricate work has been enjoyable. Each piece is handcrafted with attention and care and the happiness of the customer is the highest priority. Randy and Lauri are constantly working to keep their designs fresh and debut new and different pieces regularly. Their pieces are wonderful examples of repurposing vintage timepieces in to fresh and modern works of wearable art. 

Jewelry Repair


Wear and tear is the reality of our busy lives.  If your chosen pieces need servicing, we stand ready to assist.  We have a full range of jewelry repair and maintenance services.  From cleaning and tightening to repairing breaks and resizing — our team of artisans can help you in a timely and supportive manner.  Our services do not simply rest upon sale, we will maintain our product for years to come.

Custom Orders


 We absolutely love those rare finds and take this opportunity to assist you in creating a custom piece.  Maybe it was your grandmothers watch or your fathers pocket watch.  We can help you create and preserve the memories that you remember.